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ucspi-tcp is DJB's original implementation of UCSPI, the Unix Client-Server Program Interface, using the TCP protocol.

In english, it's a set of programs which make it easy to write and run service programs which accept connections on TCP sockets, as well as client programs which connect to services on TCP sockets. The programs in the ucspi-tcp package take care of the messy networking details, and allow the programmer or system administrator to concentrate on making their service or client work correctly.

It's mentioned on this web site because the normal method of running an SMTP or POP3 service is to use the "tcpserver" program, which is part of the ucspi-tcp package. It's also possible to use tcpserver to run other TCP-based services, such as IMAP services.

If you're running a qmail server, you should definitely understand how tcpserver works.


Like qmail, the programs in the ucspi-tcp package are lacking in some features which many people, myself included, need on their servers. Below is a list of the ucspi-tcp patches I use on my own systems: