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qmail Combined Patch Set

I have found a particular collection of patches that I use, and which I install on all of the machines I build for my clients. This list was fairly static for about two years, but I have recently (early 2005) started adding new features to it, thanks to suggestions and feedback received on the qmailrocks mailing list.

This page used to contain what amounted to the complete history of the patch file, but it was not organized very well- it made it rather difficult to figure out which features were included in each version of the patch. I have re-organized the page, so that instead of being a history lesson, it has links to specific pages for each released version of the patch. The patch files themselves can be downloaded from the combined patch details page.

If you are currently running a "qmailrocks" install and want to upgrade to this patch, please make sure to read my page on the other issues you will run into when upgrading from qmailrocks to my combined patch before you start working on your system.

Mailing lists

I have a one-way mailing list where I announce new versions of the patch, and a two-way discussion list which focuses on the patch, but also includes other topics relating to qmail and/or this web site. has more information about both lists.

I'm using Bruce Guenter's ezmlm-browse to provide a web interface to read and search the archives. As an added bonus, it provides RSS feeds for the lists it watches. is the address to view the archives.


This section of the page used to be a list of the versions with a brief description of what was added or removed with each one, and a link to a specific web page for each version. However, it was becoming a pain to maintain so many pages whenever a new version came out, so I wrote a single page which contains all of the information, and a Javascript menu to select which version's information you want to see.

This page contains complete details about which features were added or fixed with each version of the combined patch.

In addition to the "series" patches listed on the other page, there is a domainkeys add-on patch available for version 6b which adds support for domainkeys signing and checking. Because it requires downloading an external library to do the domainkeys work, I am not able to "roll it into" the combined patch as cleanly as I would like. However, if you can install the library, this patch (meant to be applied after applying the normal combined patch from the list above) will create a program called qmail-dk which does the actual domainkeys work.

Note that there is a minor issue with how the qmail-dk program handles the environment variables which control its operation. I am waiting to hear from Russell Nelson about how, or whether, he wants to handle the issue. For now there is a work-around, possible because of the AUTH_SET patch.

To-Do Lists

These are ideas which I definitely plan to add to a future release. They may not be added right away, but the items on this list WILL happen.

These are ideas which I hope to add to a future release, but are "on the back burner" for now.

Not To-Do List

These are patches which people suggested, and I thought about, and I have decided not to add for one reason or another.


A quick note to everybody who's been looking at, finding problem with, and suggesting new features for the code I've written here, especially everybody on the qmailrocks mailing list ... THANK YOU!